Through my history in live music, I decided I was confident enough to handle even more fast faced photo environments, and so I moved into weddings.

It took me a whole year of studying wedding photography and the way I wanted to approach it, before jumping into the jet stream industry in 2020 (of all the years, I know). So, I started taking on more and more couples sessions in order to become more comfortable posing two cuties at the same time. At first, I was completely out of my comfort zone. But the more I practiced my craft during my couples and portrait sessions, the more I fell in love with being right in the middle of everything on a wedding day. I've already had so many laughs with so many amazing people, and I can now say that weddings are one of my favorite events to photograph. If you book me for your wedding, I will most likely cry at the vows, I always do. But the speeches will always be my favorite part of the whole day!