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When I think of my roots as a photographer, I think of live music. This is where I started.

Music has changed, and continues to change my life in a million little ways I'll never be able to explain, but the thrill of LIVE music touches my very soul. Before I even knew who I was and what I had to offer the world, I was chasing live music like my life depended on it. As I tried to make being a musician work, and then artist management, I eventually fell into the world of photography. I fell in love with the "by any means necessary" attitude in order to capture my art within the fast paced environment of the music industry. I enjoyed getting crafty and resourceful while trying to get my business off the ground. I stood in rain storms, muddy photo pits, half-hung myself off balconies above stages, willingly smushed myself in less than ideal tour vans full of gear, and did absolutely anything I could to make things work. I regard those days as some of the best days of my life: collaborating with a variety of different artists, traveling frequently, creating and making incredible memories where I could, and documenting the entire process with a dingy little phone camera.

My first three years as a professional photographer were spent alongside musicians completely in their element - in grungy buses, backstage at festival main stages, filming music videos, and inside recording booths watching albums come alive from start to finish. Now I try to bring the rock n roll attitude to everything I do, including my photo sessions. Feel free to ask me about my many adventures - I've got a lot of fun stories.


Through my history in live music, I decided I was confident enough to handle even more fast faced photo environments, and so I moved into weddings.

It took me a whole year of studying wedding photography and the way I wanted to approach it, before jumping into the jet stream industry in 2020 (of all the years, I know). So, I started taking on more and more couples sessions in order to become more comfortable posing two cuties at the same time. At first, I was completely out of my comfort zone. But the more I practiced my craft during my couples and portrait sessions, the more I fell in love with being right in the middle of everything on a wedding day. I've already had so many laughs with so many amazing people, and I can now say that weddings are one of my favorite events to photograph. If you book me for your wedding, I will most likely cry at the vows, I always do. But the speeches will always be my favorite part of the whole day!

I do occasionally shoot other events such as birthday parties, but please inquire with as much detail as possible for these types of sessions.

Creative portrait work is what I feel really launched my business forward after deciding to take a step back from music, following the release of my photo book VITALS. My portrait work has undeniably been influenced by my experience shooting live music, and still is today.

Starting portraits was a huge challenge for me as an artist, but what ultimately  helped me shed any last worries about the way people might perceive the work I was choosing to create. As long as my clients and I were happy with what we were accomplishing, I felt happy and fulfilled. So, thanks to the struggle of getting into portrait work in the wake of a global pandemic, my work and I grew stronger. By choosing to be in the direct line of fire to what was uncomfortable for me, I became a stronger artist, individual, and business.