Hi friends! Name is Emma, and I reside in beautiful Chicago, Illinois.

I change my hair constantly, I could eat pasta for the rest of my life, "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen is my go to hype song, and meeting new people and hearing their stories has always been my passion!


Based on experiences that aided personal growth across ten months, VITALS is a collection of music photography, a vivid collection of the dynamic between living outward for the things you love and living inward for the care of your mind. I always thought publishing a photo book would be a really fun experience. It never seemed like the right time but I figured, if not now, when? Scroll down to read a little bit about it, and what you can expect when reading it.

The initial inspiration for VITALS came about when I began working regularly with bands on a personal level, and started noticing the interesting personalities of introverted and extroverted people within the music industry. More often than not, there were more naturally introverted people with extroverted moments. I became fascinated with the rapid heightening and decompression of energy that artists would push themselves through for their art, on stage and off, which sometimes meant pushing through a tough mental state as well. I learned that I was the same in my process. On my social platforms, I was getting asked a lot of questions about how I stay so open and honest about my bad days in the process of my creative ventures, which I didn’t realize at the time was a lot harder for some people than it was for me. I was inspired to create VITALS in order to send the message that allowing yourself to be fully present with who you are and to let yourself feel vulnerable is not weakness, but can be a great aid to your growth as an individual, especially in the creative brain of artists. With them in mind, I started production.

There are so many things I want people to gain from VITALS and messages I want to come through, but at the end of the day art is perceived in a variety of different ways and I know that I won’t be able to control everyone’s emotional connection, or lack of, to the book. It’s almost like I’m paralyzed to the endless possibilities of what I want people to feel from it. But what I hope comes through is the message that no matter what goal you set for yourself or how difficult it may be to reach, that the actual process of reaching that goal is beautiful and artistic as well as the final product. I hope people will gain the understanding that negative days are just as crucial as the positive ones to individual growth and that vulnerability in is not weakness, but the most valuable strength.