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After you send your inquiry, a brief questionnaire will be sent to your inbox. Please fill it out so I can learn all about you and your partner, your unique love story, your style and vibes, and what you hope to gain from our time celebrating together. This will help me determine whether we are a good fit, and also where all package prices will be laid out for you to browse through and select from.

At this stage, you can decide to set up an initial phone call, FaceTime or Zoom call in order to meet face to face and discuss the details of your wedding or elopement a little further. This gives us a chance for both of us to know exactly who we are working with, and get to know each other better before a contract is sent. This is your chance to ask any questions that you need answered, including questions regarding what is included in your price, extra hour fees, travel and stay, etc.

At this stage, I will put together a photography coverage timeline, which will list out all the shots that will be taken in each section. This ensures that I will have enough time to cover everything you want, and that you know what to expect at what time of the day so nothing feels rushed. If you have a wedding planner, I highly suggest you share your photography timeline with them, so that they can merge it with theirs!

This will also be the time to let me know your must have photos, the shots you definitely DO NOT want me to miss. I cannot start your big day without this. This could mean a photo with your great grandmother, a special handmade gift, etc.

Sample timeline.

each section of your timeline will be filled with the photos from your "must have list"

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